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About Crystal (Quartz) bead rosary

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Product Name : Crystal (Quartz) bead rosary
Product Code : C 1
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Age Limit : All
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Ruling GOD
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Rock crystal Rosary is known by many names like Quartz Crystal, Colorless or Clear Quartz, Rock Quartz, Rock Crystal, Crystal Quartz etc. In India it is known as Sphatika Mala. Sphatika means transparent in Sanskrit. It is related to Venus (the planet of love, charm and beauty). It is a potent substitute for diamonds. Crystal quartz rosary is highly useful in meditation, rapid spiritual progress and healing from various disorders. Since, it radiates nearly all colors of the spectrum; it can be programmed for every use. In spite of its easy availability, some greedy merchants are manufacturing and selling counterfeit rock crystal rosary made of glass beads. If a fake mala is given to a person, unknown by its qualities, he could not judge whether it is original rock crystal rosary or a spurious one, even a professional cannot judge its authenticity without touching it. In ancient times, people believed that rock crystal is a frozen form of ice cubes. If a person touches a real quartz rosary, he may feel as he has picked a rosary made of ice cubes. This is how a professional can judge the authenticity of sphtika mala.   The Sphatik Mala helps the mind to focus. It also helps relieve headaches, reduce stress and tension promoting the overall healing of the body. It is used as a mind pacifier. The Sphatik Mala could also be worn around the fist, and when not in use, should be kept in a clean and safe place. Historically this rosary has been used to counter black magic, to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits and other worlds.

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