• Welcome to Om shakti kendra
  • Regular rudraksha

    Osk presents tradinional Kanthis and malas of all kinds with specialization in Rudraksha rosary and bracelets

    Rudraksha beads

    Fine quality energized 1 to 21 faced rudraksha

    Rudraksha mega products

    Rudraksha cap Rudraksha mat Rudraksha rosaries of 1100 beads

    Super Power Rudraksha

    Energized and activated rare Rudraksha beads, Gauri Shankar, Ganesh, Trijuti Rudraksha

  • Nakshatra combination

    Different kinds of Rudraksha combinations for different astrological signs, ascendents and Nakshatra.

    Rudraksha for Occupation

    Different kinds of Rudraksha combinations for a successful professional carreer

    Siddha Combination

    Different kinds of Rudraksha combinations for success in divercified area of human functioning.

    Spiritual Rudraksha

    Specialized Rudraksha combination for success in spiritual or metaphysical field.

  • kk


    osk special

    Specialized spiritual products of our Kendra, entirely made under careful expert guidence of learned pandits.

    Rudraksha Roseries

    Different types of Rudraksha roseries based on classical texts for different purpose of life.

  • Platted Yantra

    Diety specific yantras for serving different needs and necessities. like sarva badha mukti yantra, kanak dhara

    Yantra Pendants

    Beautiful tantric pendants for attracting positive energy and well being of the wearer.

  • Anusthan poojan kit

    diversified poojan kit for different kinds of vedic and tantric rituals.

    Diety Poojan Kits

    complete poojan kit of different dieties based on classical principles of Karmakanda.

    general poojan items

    A wide range of poojan items used in daily poojan and meditation. all items are genuine.

    Vastu poojan kit

    professionally designed vastu poojan kit is entended to please Vastu Devta that promote household happiness.

  • Evil eye protection

    This is a powerful armour that protects from witchcraft, sorcery, ghosts, goblins and evil eye.

    Rudra Kavach

    A powerful spritual Armour made of potent Rudraksha beads.

    Special kavach

    Different kinds of spritual armour for serving different needs and goals of life.

  • Bracelets and rings

    Osk prepares a wide range of spritual bracelets and rings for ornamentation as well as for mental peace.

    God pendants

    Stylish spritual products made from precious and semipracious stones, metals etc.


    osk tries to bring style, fashion and sprituality together.

    Preciuos & semiprecious

    Energized and activated precious and semiprecious gemstones for balancing defects of negative planets.

  • Pyramids

    Pyramids are conical shaped construction that is commonly used in the field of corrective Vastu.

    Vastu items

    Powerful remedies intended to remove defects of illconstuctions & other vastu dosha based on Indian Vastu.

    Wall and Door hangings

    Different types of wall and door hangings to repell negative energy and generate positivity, hope& happiness.