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Common people generally misunderstand the term “Astrology”. They think it a pseudoscience based on intuition and unscientific beliefs passed from one generation to another. If anybody asks a person – what do you think about astrology? Perhaps, 90 percent of times, he might answer it – “a sort of secret science of soothsayers, sorcerers or tricky magicians”. On the contrary, the astrologists would define it as “a science of astral bodies and their cumulative effect on earth and everything that our planet bears”Healthprose pharmacy.

The present decade is witnessing a growing interest of people in field of astrology and other related areas worldwide. This is because in this era of globalization, every individual is insecure about his place, position and worth in the society. This is the era of competition. In this era of cut throat competition everybody wants to emerge as a successful person by hooks or by crooks. The population of this world has reached at an alarming stage. It is more than 6 billion now. Mother earth is giving birth to 3 children per second and the two most populous country India and China are contributing six fold than rest of the world. Everybody seems unsatisfied by his own status in the family, school, society, religious or financial organizations etc.

Learning astrology is a fun and after reading it thoroughly one can attain salvation without doing rigorous spiritual exercises japa, tapa, and sadhnas etc. astrology tries to establish a bond among an organism with his super conscious and with the entire cosmos as well. After learning astrology one can know the simple truth of creation that all living and non living bodies were originated by a single element and that element is so powerful that it controls the state of being in all living and non living objects. A real student of astrology never distinguishes a king from a poor. He also know that a person who is suffering from various problems in his life is due to the ripening of his own past karma, in other worlds a person is responsible of all his suffering, pain and tears in his life.

Let us start the basic astrology concepts and their uses in the interpretation of natal charts. Before starting natal chart we must know how a Panchaang (table of astrological movements of various planets given on daily basis)is used in making a natal chart as well as interpreting most suitable time to do anything. Term Panchaanga means one that is comprised of five parts, that is-

(1) Tithi - One complete lunar day, one kala (a unit of time, cycle) of moon.

(2) Nakshtra - Mansion of stars, they are 27 in number according to Indian astrology.

(3) Yoga – Half Nakshtra, they are also 27 in number.

(4) Karana – The half part of a lunar day, they are 11 in number.

(5) Wara – Day of week, they are 7 in number.

when a person take birth, we rush to astrologer to prapare a natal chart of the baby.




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