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It has been said that the nature and the signature of a person never change. what is the meaning of this saying? It tells us a simple truth that both are interrelated and we can judge the personality aspect of a person by analysing the writings of a person. Neopsychologists calls it pseudopsychology because they fear about loosing their scientific credential among empirical world. In spite of many criticism Graphology has have many empirical evidences that supports its truthfulness and ability of forecasting of the people's naure.if it had no truth involved? why the people opt for signatures and writings of the person. we know that the writing is a greatest invansion of homo sapians and it was not available in the prehistoric period of human development. in spite of this fact we are habitual of writing since ancient river valley civilizations. the earliar human stared writing over the stone or on the kneaded clay preserved after baking it by the help of fire. the sixth Banylonian king Hammurabi enacted a code of conduct for its citizens with the help of conical blades inscripted on the baked clay tablets. we find many of his codes preserved till now. it tells us the love of writing we share with our ancestors.Healthprose pharmacy

our habit of writing speeded up with the invantion of paper and now we are able to write into digitalized way as i am writing eletronically. writing on the paper and writing electronically both requires whole body involvement, still there is some difference. when we write on the paper, we feel more concentration and peace of mind than writing electronically. when we write on the paper, we hold the pen into our right or left hand (leftists use left hand) catching the pen with the help of thumb and index finger while resting two third of pen on the middle finger. palmists better know the utilities of fingers and palm and its connection with our progress in future. to them and accupressure professionals thumb has have relation with brain,pineal gland,pituitary gland,nose and lastly with thyroid gland. in the same way index finger and middle finger represents left and right eyes of a person. when we write on the paper we bend on the paper, our one hand remains free while the other hand do the job of writing. during the work of writing the blood volume of the brain increases. nearlly all the fingers of the palm unites and form a half fist. all this characteristices of paper writing tells us that when we write on the paper, we use our full physical capacity and creative energies to find better results. even if we have to write in a tense atmosphere we struggle for an opportunity of relaxatation but our writing tells alot about our situation even in those times.

For a successful graphological analysis, a graphologist follows some principles of psychology in the interpretation of handwriting of a person. one system of graphology is called graphoanalysis. it was developed by Milton L. Bunker, around 1913 he started to read systems of handwriting analysis but soon in 1929 he got enough courage to form American grapho analytical society. in 1949 he founded the International grapho analysis society(IGAS), since then it is the only owner of all materials and intellectual property rights in the field of graphoanalysis. graphoanalysis mainly concentrate on the unconscious strokes made by a person at the time of writing. Hence, the analysis involves many things borrowed and adopted from the tenets of Freudian psychology. Graphoanalysts use green sheet in the evaluation of handwriting, in other words green sheet is a report card of a persons handwriting, then they assign some traits to the person from their 119 listed traits.    

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