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In our daily life, we listen a proverb frequently, “what is in the name.’’ many people think it a correct explanation of people’s worth and try to ignore the importance of Name. Such kind of people gives importance to the deeds of a person ignoring his identity by saying aforementioned comment. On the contrary, eastern ideology takes the topic differently. It says “everything is in the name.” a person is known by his name, a product is known by its name. In our daily life we deal with name, even the God is known by his name. Name is a mirror of soul, a representative of consciousness. When we adopt a name we adopt a personality. Name gives shape to our body image, our outlook, our psyche, our mindset and our values.

Nemology means the study of names. It offers us an insight about our personality orientation and by using the principles of nemology we can change the course of destiny for betterment in our life. If we minutely study the names of successful person we find that every successful person share a common mathematical pattern in their names. For example, famous cine star Amitabh Bachhan, commonly known as big B (an acronym for big boss) spells his name AMITABH BACHHAN. If we minutely examine his name, we find letter A comes four times in his name followed by letter H three times, letter B two times and letter M, I, T, C and N once. Now, if we examine his name in Hindi, we find the same pattern in his name. Healthprose pharmacyAs –

अमिताभ बच्चन – अ+म+इ+त+आ+भ+अ, ब+च्+च+अ+न+अ.

Here letter comes four times, followed by letter two times, letter म, इ, त, भ, ब and letter once. Somebody consider letter as a repetition of letter . Now, for the purpose for nemological examination, his name (whether written in Roman or Devnagari) presents same inferences before us. His name shows dominance of letter A (in Roman) or letter (in devnagari). In india every name suggest a meaning. In Hindi, Amitabh is the name of sun and its syntatic meaning is ''Infinite Luminance'' and Bachhan stands for childlike innocene.We know from our experience that a child is known by his acting skills, everybody loves a child and enjoy from the activies of a child. now it is clear that how name excerts its influence on the fate of a person.    








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