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Palmistry is the art of fortune telling and soothsaying by analysing the structure, color and weight of palm. the difference of lines and mounts of planets as well as the variation of finger print tells a lot about the personality and abilities of a person. In modern times it is also known as Chiromancy because it was Chiro, who developed and established this art and science in west. This is the basic science of India. Here it is known as Samudrika Shastra because it was sage Samudra, who founded, promoted and collected the doctrines of palmistry. In ancient India, there was a separate cast of palmists. They were known as Joshi Brahmins. At that time, the knowledge of palmistry was considered a secret science, because it was known by a handful of pundits and it was transferred orally from one generation to another either by Guru-shishya parampara (teacher-pupil tradition) or by paitrik parampara (the cult of lineage). It was believed that Chiro came to India, in search of secret science, luck by chance he encountered many knowledgeable sages. He pleased them by his behavior and received the science of palmistry along with some miracle chants. After learning this art, he moved to his country and started practicing palmistry. His popularity grew by leap and bounds and many new learners approached him for learning this new knowledge. Chiro wrote a book on palmistry that got widespread popularity at that time. His book was based on Sent Germen’s principles and his own observations and experiences gained by examining more than thousand palms.Healthprose pharmacy

Palmistry is not only a tool of future telling by reading palms of an individual but also a complete philosophy of life. We can find lots of example about the uses of Palmistry in India. It is uppermost in 64 kaushals (art) of ancient India, in which all were supposed to be adept. We find the mention of Palmistry In nearly all Hindu, Non Hindu or Quasi Hindu scriptures of the Ancient time. We find the mention of Palmistry in Jatak tales, Epics, Puranas and other religious or non religious documents includind Tantras. Sometimes palmistry comes with physiognomy and sometimes it is dealt independently, whatever the case may be, palmistry is enough to tell everything about a person. His attitudes, his opinions, his inclinations, his likes and dislikes, his past, present and future nearly everything comes in front of an adept palmist during examination of a palm structure, colors, lines and various marks on it.

Let us start a basic course of palmistry. The hand of a person has been divided into 9 major shapes according to Indian Palmistry -

(1) The Primary Hand -

(2) The Psychic Hand - 

(3) The Artistic Hand -

(4) The Square Hand -

(5) The Necessary Hand -
(6) The Philosphic Hand -
(7) The Elementary hand -

(8) The congenital Idiots Hand -

(9) The Mixed Hand -
The primary hand - This type of hand is coarse. it looks ordinary. it is heavy and fatty. ocassionally we find concentration of hairs on the back of this kind of palms. this hand looks ugly and clumsy. the lines on this type of hand is deepest of all. it convey a feeling of hapzardness in the life of this type of person. the small fingers of this palm makes a person greedy and criminal. they hold abundance of voilence, animal spirit and sexual feeling in their personality. the primary aim of their life is to earn money by every possible method.
The Psychic Hand - Some palmists confuse this hand shape with philosphical hand shape. both hand shapes share some common features but psychic hand is small and slender while philosphical hand is large and the fingers of philosphical hand shape is more conical. both the hands are flexible. the effects of both hand shapes are quite similar except psychic person lives in the world of dreams while philosphical person knows the methods and tricks of wish fulfilment. they know how to convert the dreams into reality. psychic person hold divine energy, they have strong intution, they can guess the nature of a person easily, they can befooled easily because they dont like to harm anybody, they think if they oppose anybody their relation with them would be at stack. they believe in the solidarity and oneness of the soul. they can not cheat anybody but their sagelike activity makes them prone to emotional mishaps with them. if the fate line and sun line is weak in such kind of palms, they face many passimistic situations in their life.
The artistic Hand - the conical shape of fingers in this kind of palm makes this hand peculiar and easy to identify with other shapes of hand. this kind of shape makes a person highly imaginative and dextrous in dealing with everything. the artistic acumen of the person having this hand shape becomes at par. this hand shape looks beautiful. the portion of wrist in this hand seems tender. if a man having this hand shape touch another person it feels womenly. this is not considered a good hand shape according to palmistry because individual having this hand shape faces difficulty in dealing with mudane reality. he indulge in excessive artistic visualization. even in their married life these person search for ideal love that is difficult to find in this world. economically, these person find themselves depending on others. these person seem benevolent, docile, peaceful, cooperative and honey speaking but they are lethargic and narrow minded in their real life. they run for passion but some of the person excel in life in spite of having this hand shape if their luck line or sun line are strong in their hand.                   




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