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Word horoscope is derived from the indian word अहोरात्र (Ahoratra). that means a cycle of day and night in a single complete day. in the course of time Ahoratra became होरा (Hora) which is still in use by indian astrologers. the english word hour denoting a period of 60 minutes originated by this indian word hora and the horoscope denoting a complete planatery placement at a native's birth time also originated from the same word. in horoscope the entire solar system was presented in a graphical way. any adept astrologer could make the same analysis as by other astrologers worldwise. this is a living example of scientific sprite involved into this approach of fortune telling. the more a person strat anylising a horoscope, the more he finds out the undicoverables facts about a person.Healthprose pharmacy

Horoscope is a representation of cosmos devided into 360 degree. these 360 degree were further devided into 12 parts.they are known as zodiacal signs. each sign comprise 30 degree. the movement of 9 planets into different signs make uncountable astral conditions. they are as different as the fingerprint of the same person as well as other individuals on earth. the art of horoscope reading is not not a child's play. nobody can learn it over a night. horoscope reading involves years of keen practice of the art and craft of horoscope reading. 

The twelve houses of the horoscope tells about twelve different things. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth house of the horoscope is known as Kendra (central house) because these four house represent self, mother, wife and father respectively. Before the knowledge of Bhavas (houses) we should know a brief introduction of all Zodiac signs, that is twelve in number. They are named Mesha (Aries), Vrishbha (Taurus), Mithuna (Gemini), Karka (Cancer), Simha (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra), Vrishchika (Scorpio), Dhanu (Sagittarius), Makar (Capricorn), Kumbha (Aquarius) and Meen (Pisces) into order of zodial cycle. Let us know the properties of these signs -

(1) Mesha (Aries) - Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra descibes that Aries is red in complexion. It has a big Physique and it is strong at night. It denotes courage, resides in the east and it is related with kings. It is a Girichar (one who wanders in hills) and it has dominating Rajo guna (properties of a king), It is fiery and rises with its back. It is ruled by Mars. It is originated by the head of Supreme being thus it represents brain and skull. It is quadruped. It lives in metals.

(2) Vrisha (Taurus) - It is white in complexion, Shukra rules this sign,It is long and Quadrupped, It is stong at night, It resides in the south, It represents villages and wealthy businessman, It is earthy and it from by its back,It represents roots, It has dominating Tamo guna (Properties of a commoner), It is originated by the mouth of Supreme being hence it represents mouth, speech and oratorial skill.

(3) Mithuna (Gemini) - Mithuna rises with its head and represents a male and a female holding a mace and lute, It lives in the west and it is an airy sign, It is biped sign and it is strong at night, It is a rural sign that lives in villages, fields and habitations, It is windy in temperament, It is Samakayik (even body) having and representing green colour, It is originated by arms and throat of supreme reality hence it  represent these parts of the body, It is ruled by Venus.

(4) Karka (Cancer) - It is pale red in complexion, It has relation with forests and brahmins (Philospher class), It is strong during the night, It is a multipod sign, It has a bulky body, It is satvika (properties of God) and it is watery in nature. It rises with its back and is ruled by Moon. It is a female sign signifies sexual intercourse,It is originated from chest and lungs of supreme reality hence it controls lungs, phelgm and chest of a person.

(5) Simha (Leo) - It is ruled by Sun and it has dominating Sattva guna (devine virtue), It is quadrupped and royal sign of the Zodiac in other words it rules the sky, It relates to forests and rises with its head, It has a large white body, It resides in the east and strong during day time, It represents the stomach hence controls liver disorder and glaze of a person.

(6) Kanya (Virgo) - This is a resident of hills, strong at daytime, it rises with its head having a medium built, It is a biped sign that resides in south, It has grains and fire in its hand, It belongs to bussiness community and has a varible nature,It is ruled by mercury, represents hurricane, It has dominance in Tamo guna, It is virgin and it is originated from waist of supreme reality therefore it controls organs near waist.

(7) Tula (Libra) - It rises with its head, strong during daytime, It is black in complexion, represents law and order, predominant in Rajoguna, resides in the west, It is related with land and mundane reality, It is destructive of baseless opinions and wipe of blunders, It represents the lower order of the people,It has a medium built and biped, It is ruled by venus, It is originated from kidneys and sexual organs of supreme reality hence it controls these organs of the living creatures.

(8) Vrishchika (Scorpio) - It is described as having a slender physique and a centipede sign, It represents the higher class that is Brahmin, It lives in north, resides in holes, strong during daytime, It has reddish brown color, It relates to water and land. It is ruled by mars, It is hairy and is very sharp, 

(9) Dhanu (Sagittarius) - This sign rises with its head, It is a male sign, It is ruled by Jupiter, prediminates in sattvaguna, yellow in complexion, It is strong in night and fiery in nature, It is also a royal sign like leo but it has power of knowledge, It is biped in first half and quadrupped in second half, It is even built that bears an arch, It resides in the east, relates to the land and it is splendid, It controls warland. originated from thigh of the supreme reality.

(10) Makar (Capricorn) - It has predominance in Tamoguna, It is ruled by saturn, It is an earthy sign and represent the south direction, It is strong at night, It is Prishthodayi (rises from the back), It has a large body, It comes in various complextion, It resorts to land and water, Its first half is quadrupped and second half moves in water without a foot, it is originated from joints of the supreme reality hence it has control on this organ of a living being.

(11) Kumbh (Aquarius) - In the sky it represents a man holding a pot, It is deep brown in complexion, It has medium built and biped sign, It is strong during day time, It is airy and relates to deep water, It rises with its head and predominates in Tamoguna, It rules the lowest class of people, It resides in the west and ruled by Saturn, It resides at places of keeping water, gambling and at the house of herlots.

(12) Meen (Pisces) - It is a female sign, It resembles a pair of fish one tailed with the head of the other, It is strong at night, It is a watery sign that predominates in Sattvaguna, It denotes firmness in a person, It does not have a foot and has a medium built, It resides in north and rises from both back and head,It is ruled by Jupiter, It is originated by feet of supreme reality hence controles the feet.  



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